• Value Proposition Workshop

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    In its simplest way of explanation, a value proposition is a standing declaration that explains what benefit (value) you provide (propose) for whom and how are you going to do it uniquely better than existing competitors. It describes your target customers, the problem(s) you solve, and why you’re specifically better than the alternative solutions.

    3,000 kr (excluding VAT) 2 hours

    Value Proposition Workshop

    3,000 kr (excluding VAT) 2 hours Book
  • Digital LDJ Workshop

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    Lightning Decision Jam

    From the UN World Food Program which used this workshop to make decisions on how to increase donations, to a small company in Sweden which decided about their opening hours, this workshop can literally be used for decision making or answering important questions. If you are facing a problem or have a conflict which keeps your organization from proceeding, it is time to run a Lightning Decision Jam and move forward.

    1,500 kr (excluding VAT) 90 minutes

    Digital LDJ Workshop

    1,500 kr (excluding VAT) 90 minutes Book