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On Dashboard page of user account, there is an icon representing your profile picture. As it is shown on the next image, the profile image is the right most icon on section 3. If you do have not selected an image for your profile yet, the icon image will be a green anonymous user portrait. To enter the Profile Manager page, click on the icon.

Control Panel
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On Profile Manager page, there are setting tabs on the side of the page. By clicking on each setting tab, the content will show up on body section of page.


Avatar represents your user icon image. Please note that avatar image is for the user of this account not the business. The business has a logo which could be set in the Settings menu item of Dashboard page. If your subscription plan is Business or Corporate, you will have the option of selecting multiple users and set a profile for each user including individual avatar images.

To set an image for user icon, click on the image placeholder to open the media manager where you can select an image file from your existing media or upload a new image. The recommended file size is 500×500 pixels (72 dpi) and acceptable formats are JPEG, JPG or PNG.

Profile Manager
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The rest of profile information should be preloaded using the data entered during the registration. If you add or change any information, do not forget to click on Save button at bottom of the page.

If you would like a specific language be associated with your account, select it from the dropdown list. This will be the default language of platform for your account right after you log in to the website. Regardless of what your default language is, you will always be able to change the language from the top menu.


As a user with a registered Service Provider account on Consults Center, you are able to publish and sell your own services. At the same time it is possible for you to book and purchase services from any other provider or business. In order to buy a service from another business, you will have to pay the provider to make a booking. That is why in your profile you also have Billing and Shopping addresses. 

Billing address is the same address as registered with your bank which issued your bank card. If the address where you are located is different from the billing address, simply uncheck the “Same as Billing” at the bottom of page to open new fields where you can enter a different address for your current location.

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If your business is using Social Media pages, this is where you can enter the web addresses for those pages. The icon of each Social Media site will show on your business profile linked to its page. Simply copy/paste the URL address of each page to the corresponding field and leave the field empty for websites which you do not use.


The contents of this profile setting shows the current subscription plan of your business account. Besides the membership type, you can see cost of the plan, upcoming payments and more. At the bottom of page there is a link for changing membership plan of your account too. You can upgrade to a higher plan or downgrade a paid plan to free membership.

Google Calendar

For every service that you sell, there will be an appointment created and booked automatically on this platform. There is a Calendar in your account with all the active booking sessions and is accessible from Appointments menu item in Dashboard page. To prevent double bookings, when an appointment is booked and registered in your calendar, the exact same time slot will not be available for further bookings.

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If you have other activities outside Consults Center and book events, there is a probability of conflict between appointments booked in here and your external bookings. To prevent this, it is possible to connect your Google Calendar to Consults Center and synchronize the events between two platforms.

More instructions about how you can connect and synchronize the calendars is explained in next help document.


Credibility and accuracy of the information provided by businesses on this website is an important factor for clients. From this profile setting, you can provide us with documentation which proves the information about your business. After we verified your identity and business info, your profile will receive a blue badge which shows its authenticity

Profile Verification
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To verify the identity of your business, upload the required documents in corresponding fields in image format (PNG, JPG or JPEG) or PDF file. Fill in the official address of your business as it is stated on registration document.

After preparing the data, select the “Ask for verification” checkbox and click on Save button. We will receive the documents and inform you about the result in a short time.

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