To create a page for your business (Business Profile) on Consults Center and adding your services, you need to register as a Service Provider. Registering as a Service provider is possible in different ways which we will explain in here but before that, please read through the features of different Plans and see which one fits to your needs and scale of your business.

We usually recommend starting with the Free Plan which includes the main features and is used by most of the Service Providers. It is possible to Upgrade or Downgrade your plan at any time. 

Registration Page

Click on the User Icon on top right corner of the website to see the Log in/Register page. Now select the Register tab. Until here, the process is exactly like registering a regular user account. Your screen should look like the following image:

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At the bottom of the page, click on the “Register as Service Provider” link to open the Pricing Plans. Your screen should look like the following image where you can click on the “Choose Plan” button below each plan’s column. In this document we will pick the Free Plan.

Pricing Plans
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Clicking on the Choose Plan button will open the Registration Form and Your screen should look like the following image. Fields of the registration form and instruction to filling it out is explained after the image.

* The required data on this registration form is used to identify your business and its authenticity on this platform. You will be able to select which information you want to make Public or to Hide in further steps.

** Please make sure to read the instructions for receiving email Verification Code.

Registration Form
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(Fields marked by * are required and can not be left empty)

  • Username: a name of your choice to represent your account. It will be used as a Nick Name in communications, welcome message and similar applications. You can use letters, numbers and space in Username.
  • Email: type in the email address which you want to use for registering on Consults Center. This email will be used as Default Address for communication and messages coming from  website admins or customers. After typing the email address, click on any place on the page or press the Tab button to move forward. The verification Code will be automatically sent to your address after you move the focus from email box. Your screen should look like the following image:
Email Verification Code
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Check your email and copy/paste or type in the received verification code in the related box.

  • First Name & Last Name: type in the first and last name of the default user, admin or owner of this account in each box.
  • Business Name: Write the official name of your business. It will be compared with the Registration Certificate when you ask for verification of your profile so make sure that you have the correct dictation. By entering the Business Name, you will see a short approval note below the box which indicates if the name is available or is already taken. You can save and use this link as a direct address to your Business Page on Consults Center.
  • Address: type in your official business address. If your address is long, try dividing it in two lines and use both address boxes. Please do not include the City, Country or State names in here. They should be written in the related boxes.
  • Country: open the drop-down selection box. Scroll up or down and select your country.
  • City/Town: type in the name of city where your business is registered or active.
  • State/County: if it applies, type in the name of your State or County in the box.
  • Post/Zip code: this is an important field which will be used in finding your business location on the map. Please make sure to write the correct and actual postcode.
  • Business Phone: do not forget to start your phone number with a plus (+) sign followed by your country code. For example, +46 123 456 789 and similar.
  • VAT: type in your business’s VAT registration number. This will be included in your invoices, payments and transactions.
  • Password: pick a password for your account. You can use upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols. Passwords can not include spaces. For more information about how and why should you select a strong password, please read this article: How to Create a Strong Password 
  • Confirm Password: re-type exactly the same password in this box. Both password and confirm password values should exactly match.

After entering your information, please read our Terms & Conditions provided at the bottom of the form. Check the box beside the agreement phrase to approve your consent.

It is done! Finish the initial registration process by clicking on the “REGISTER” button. The system will process your information for a few seconds and you will see the Confirmation Message before being redirected to the next step where you will have another chance to review and confirm your selected Plan.

Confirmation of Registration
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Continue by clicking on the “PROCEED” button. This will Save all your settings and redirect the page to “Business Setup” which is explained in the next article.

Converting your account

If you have already registered a Regular user account, you can change it to a Service Provider or Business account. Just open your Dashboard or Account Page and click on the last button as “Become a Service Provider“. Clicking on the link at the bottom of the page as “Register as Service Provider” will give the same result too.

After selecting either of these options, you will be redirected to the Pricing Plan page where you can continue as explained in previous chapter.

User Account
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Price Plans

The third way for registering as a Service Provider is by visiting the Pricing Plan page directly from the Main Menu. Just follow the following route:

Main Menu > For Consults > Pricing

and then select the plan of your choice. The rest of the registration process is exactly the same as explained in the first chapter above.

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