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For every service that you sell, there will be an appointment created and booked automatically on this platform. There is a Calendar in your account with all the active booking sessions and is accessible from Appointments menu item in Dashboard page. To prevent double bookings, when an appointment is booked and registered in your calendar, the exact same time slot will not be available for further bookings.

If you have other activities outside Consults Center and book events, there is a probability of conflict between appointments booked in here and your external bookings. To prevent this, it is possible to connect your Google Calendar to Consults Center and synchronize the events between two platforms.

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Connecting a Google Calendar

Start by clicking the “Sign in with Google” button on right side of the page. This will open the Google’s sign in page. If you are already signed in to a Google account, you will see the account information on sign in page. In case you want to use another account, select the “Use another account” and enter user credentials. 

Google Sign in
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After finishing the sign in process, you will see a consent page which asks you to Allow Consults Center to use your calendar information.

G-Calendar Consent
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Read the terms and continue by clicking on Allow. This will take you to the confirmation page which looks like the following image:

G-Calendar Confirm
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On confirmation page the Term of Service and Privacy Policy of Consults Center is available. These documents explains how and under which conditions we are going to use your connection to Google account. Read through these terms and click on Allow button if you consent to continue.

Note: How we use your Google account to connect your calendar to our platform has been carefully investigated by Google. We have the official certificate issued by Google to do so.


If the connection to your calendar is successful, you will see the approval message and return to the following screen:

G-Calendar Connection Successful
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After making a successful connection to your Google account, new options will be available on the page. The first option is a Disconnect button which allows you to detach the calendar from Consults Center anytime in future.

The Calendar ID dropdown box includes a list of all available calendars in your Google account. Open the list and select the calendar that you want to use for synchronizing the bookings on it. 

Sync Preference is a very important parameter in defining how events and appointments will be saved and synchronized between your Google calendar and Consults Center. There are two choices available:

Between Consults Center and Google both: by selecting this option, if you have any events registered in your Google calendar already, the time slots will be extracted from the available range of your services. Simultaneously, when a client books an appointment for your services on Consults Center, it will be registered and show up on your Google calendar as well.

Only from Consults Center to Google: (not recommended) only when a client books an appointment for your services on Consults Center, it will be registered and show up on your Google calendar. This setting will not remove the busy time slots from your availability calendar. 

Click on Save button to implement the settings at the end. Refresh the page after saving the settings to see the last synchronization button. 

G-Calendar Sync
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Click on “Sync Manually” button at the bottom of form to synchronize calendars for the very first time. You will not need to do this again later but just to make sure that the flow of data between Google and Consults Center is established and working fine.

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