Writing Articles related to your business or services is an optional feature but highly recommended. To be more organized, you can write the essential information to introduce your business in Business Profile page. Explaining each service in details with related info on Service Page is a good way to let your clients know what to expect by booking that service. At the same time, articles provide the opportunity to communicate with your clients via explaining any specific subject, promoting what you do, giving references, and showing your achievements, certificates or competitive advantages. Articles are also a strong tool for increasing your rank in search results (SEO).

Articles are available for Public including the guest visitors without a user account. They are accessible under the Bulletin section of the main menu. Depending on the type of subscription plan, you will be able to write and publish limited number of articles. It is also possible to translate an article in other languages. To access the Articles section, from your Dashboard page click on the Articles on the left menu list.

Dashboard Articles
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Add New

While visiting the Articles dashboard, the indicator on top of the page shows the total available number of articles left in your subscription plan. Click on the “Add New” button on top right corner. This will open the page illustrated in the next image.

Dashboard Add Articles
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Article Title

Write the title of the new article. This field is required and every article must have a title.

Short Description

This is also known as Excerpt or short description of the contents in this article. Try to provide a general overview for the reader so they understand what can they expect to find in the full text version by clicking on the Read more link.

Featured Image

This is also a required field. It includes an image file to represent your article in the front end of the website. Click on the image placeholder to open the Media Manager page. Select an existing image or upload a new file and select it as featured image for this article. Recommended size for Article image is 500×500 pixel and acceptable formats are JPG, JPEG or PNG.


The following image shows you how each field will appear on the front-end after the article is published:

Article Front-End View
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This is where you type in the main or Body content of your article. The editor helps you to organize and decorate your text, add images or link to media files like videos, files and so on. Please note that if you would like the text in the summary or excerpt to repeat at the beginning of the body section, you will need to add it in here one more time. In other words, when the reader clicks on the “Read more” link to see the full contents of the article, the summary or excerpt text will not automatically be added to the beginning of the article.

In order to reduce the disk space usage of your user account, specially on Free Plan, if you want to add files or video content it would be a good idea to host them on external resources like free cloud drives, YouTube and similar platforms and use the ling or embed the sharing snippet in here.


While more articles are being added on Consults Center, we will provide proper categories depending on the subject of articles. You can select the correlating category for your article. To begin with, select the “Service Provider Articles” to include your article in general and public category of the website.


Tags are features which help the readers to find your article by searching for keywords. It also helps the search engines to find and propose your article when someone is searching for tags. The optimum number of tags to include with each article is 3 to 5. Do not include more than 10 tags because it will be confusing for the search algorithms on the web. Separate your tags with comma ( , ) and see a list of commonly used tags on Consults Center by clicking on the related link.


If you want to save your work and continue editing later, click on the “Draft” button. The article will be saved in your account without being published or seen on the front-end. You can decide later to edit, publish or delete the article.


If you have a Verified Account, then you will be able to directly publish your articles. Otherwise, you can submit the article to be reviewed by system administrators before being publicly available. By clicking on the Submit button, you will be able to publish this article. If there are missing information, you will receive a warning message and a red marker showing what is wrong or missing. To read more about the Verified Accounts and instructions to do that, please read the related help documentation.


The following image shows how an article will show up in full text on front-end:

Article Full Text
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To provide a translated version of your article, change the language of the website by clicking on the related flag icon on Language Selection menu. The language of platform will change including the Dashboard or Control Panel. 

Enter the Article menu in your Dashboard and add the translated version of Article as a new document. This way you can have different resources like images and media files for each language.

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