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Create Appointment

When clients book any of your services, the system will automatically create an appointment and assign that to client’s order. The scheduled date, start and finish times and other details of the appointment will be sent to you and your client by email. If you check the Orders menu item in your dashboard, you can see the orders with their attached appointment in details view.

Via this menu item, you can manually create an appointment for an existing client as well as add a new user and make an appointment with them. By clicking on the Create Appointment button, you will see the following screen:

Create Appointment Manually
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If you have some existing clients, click on the Customers dropdown and select the user that you want to make the appointment for. In case the client is a new customer of yours and has not an account in the system yet, you can click on “Add new customer” to open an account for your client too. You will need to have your customer’s email address, phone number and full name.

Add New User
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Select a Service which relates to this appointment from the next dropdown list.

Lastly, you can select if this appointment should be assigned to a new order or an existing one. If you select to assign it to a new order, the information or the order and appointment will be emailed to the selected client. The status of the new order will be set as Waiting Payment. After the order is paid by client, it will appear on your bookings list and calendar as well. If there is already an ongoing order between you and the selected customer, enter the Order ID to add this appointment to it.


Create Bookable Services

Selecting this button will take you to the Add New Service page. The details and instructions are explained in related help document here: Services


Appointments List

This page will show you a list of booked services and appointments. The status, dates, related order number and more details are shown for each appointment. By clicking on View Details action icon, you can see the contents of an appointment. It is also possible to change the status and update it from the details view.

Appointments Calendar
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Appointments Calendar

Here you can see a calendar view of your bookings. The calendar could be set to show the daily, weekly or monthly views. Also it is possible to filter the options by each service, date range or account owner.

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