Business Setup

After confirmation of registration, you will be automatically redirected to the “Business Setup” page where you can enter and save the initial information about your business. It is possible to Skip this step and do it later but we strongly recommend to fill it our right away. The following image shows what your screen will look like and which information you can provide here. 

Business Setup
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  • Business Logo: Click on the image placeholder for Logo to open the Media Manager page. Drag and drop here the logo image file or click on the “Select Files” button to find your logo image. Acceptable image formats are JPG, JPEG or PNG with a maximum file size of 256 MB. The optimum image size is 500×500 pixels and 72 dpi resolution.
  • Banner: Click on the image placeholder for Banner to open the Media Manager page. Drag and drop here the banner image file or click on the “Select Files” button to find your banner image. Acceptable image formats are JPG, JPEG or PNG with a maximum file size of 256 MB. The default image size is 1650×350 pixels and 72 dpi resolution. 

If you do not select an image file for Logo or Banner, the default images will be used by the platform. The default image for your logo is Consult Center’s logo.

The following images give you a preview of how your Banner and Logo will be displayed on the website.

Banner and Logo
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Business Profile
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In text boxes, the information that you have entered during the registration process will automatically show up including Business Name, Email, Phone, Address and so on. Please review, complete or correct the information.

Business Location is an important parameter to show the correct location of your business on the map and make it easy for users to find you. To find and set your location, start typing your address in the “Find your address” box. Please see the following image as an example:

Address Map
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While typing your address, you will see a drop-down list of available or similar addresses. Find the appropriate address which correlates correctly and select it to pinpoint your address on the map.

Finally, provide a brief explanation about your business in Business Description field. This information is optional but very useful for clients to have a better understanding about your business. It may contain what you do, a short history of your business, your achievements and so on.


After you deliver any services online, it will be time to get paid. The information in this section tells us where and to which account should we transfer your money. You will be able to automatically or via manual requests get your payments from the system. At the moment the only available method is through Bank Transfer but we will connect some other methods like PayPal soon. You will receive an update by email when more methods are available.

Please note that if your business or bank is not in Sweden, you should provide us with IBAN number, Swift or IFSC codes. For Swedish banks only the Routing Number, Account Number and the bank’s name would be enough.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The information that you can provide in this section is optional but it critically will help the search engines like Google to find your business and services when a client searches for related phrases. In the following image, you can see how every part of information will be used and show up in search results:

SEO Fields
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  • SEO Title: this is the title which will appear on search page when your page or service is within the results.
  • Meta Description: Provide a single paragraph (possibly short) which gives the essential understanding about your business. Try not to use line breaks (by pressing Enter on keyboard) or symbols like / * < > and so on.
  • Meta Keywords: These are the phrases which you believe a client may search for to find you. Write at least 5 and maximum of 15 keywords separated by comma ( , ) character. 

To read more and understand better how SEO and Meta Fields work, please visit this page: Meta Tags for SEO: A Simple Guide for Beginners


If you are using any social media pages like LinkedIn or Twitter for your business, please enter the page link in related fields. This will help your clients on Consults Center to find your pages to follow or subscribe.


Congratulations! You just finished setting up the information about your business at Consults Center. The following image shows a sample of confirmation message. From now on, you can use the Service Providers Dashboard or in other terms, the Control Panel to edit, update or change the info as well as managing your services, clients, bookings and payments. Continue by clicking on the button and read further info in details about the Control Panel in the next article.

Business Setup Completed
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