Account Page

There are multiple ways to see and access your Account Page or Dashboard page.

    • After logging in to the website, you will be redirected to the account page automatically.
    • While visiting any other page, you can access the dashboard page by clicking on the User Icon on top right corner of the page.
    • While visiting any page, if you hover the mouse pointer on the User Icon on top right corner, you will see a pop up menu which includes a link to the dashboard page. See the following image:
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There are eight different options available on the User Account or Dashboard page.

Account Info

This section shows your registered account’s information including First name, Last name, Display name (user name), email address, and Password. You can edit or change the information simply by erasing the existing data and entering new values in each box. Do not forget to click on “Save Changes” button before changing the page to apply the changes.


There are two sets of addresses at your account as Billing and Shopping address. The billing address is where you want to receive your invoices and depends on which Payment Method you choose. For example, if you select the card payment method at checkout, the billing address should be the same as written on your card. The Shopping address, is your Location at the moment or your official home/work address.

In most cases, these two addresses are the same. By default, the Billing Address will be used to calculate your Taxes depending on the financial rules regarding your address.


Here you can see a list of Booked, Reserved, Pending or Completed orders. If there are items in this section, depending on the order’s current status, you can take different actions like approve, cancel, mark as complete or ask for refund. Further instructions will include step by step for each and every action.


When you book a service, there will be a meeting generated automatically for that specific booking. Since the services are supposed to be delivered online, the system generates and books a meeting according to your pre-selected parameters. Here you can see a list of past, current and upcoming meetings which helps you to schedule and keep track of your sessions.

Note: The difference between the list of Orders and Appointments is that, orders include the title of the service, information about the provider, dates, transactions, prices and so on while the Appointments list include the start time, end time, date and other information about the booked service(s).

User Account
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In order to keep posted about the latest updates and information about Service Providers or Businesses, you can choose to Follow them on their profile page. In this section, you can view/edit which businesses are you following now.


If you need help or assistance with your account, bookings, payments or facing a problem, you can open a support ticket. In this section you can see the history of your support tickets, their status and take different actions like Mark as resolved, Cancel or Reply.

It is very important that you carefully search through the website, help documentations and read the related instructions provided at each section before sending a support ticket. 


Service providers usually write a comprehensive explanation about their business and offered services. However, if you have questions which you are not able to find an answer for it on the website, you can send Inquiries to the service providers and directly communicate and ask them questions.

Please note that each inquiry directly goes to the related service providers. If you want to contact the website admins or support, please use the contact form or send us an email.

Service Provider

If you are providing services which can be offered online, via Become a Service Provider section you can change your account from a regular user to a service provider.

Please read the related pages and documentation in advance. More information about Service Provider accounts is available under the related help documentation.

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