Here you can see a brief explanation about different sections of Landing Page, how we refer to each section and its functionality.

Landing Page
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1. Search Bar

You can start searching for Services, Businesses, Provider Names by typing any key phrase related to your subject. For example, if you are looking for a Piano Teacher it would be a good idea to start typing “Piano”. In case you are looking for a specific person or company, you can quickly find them here.

Search Bar
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2. Cart

After you found what you are looking for and initiated a booking process, you can find more information about your orders, prices and payment by clicking on this icon. It basically functions just similar to a shopping basket on conventional e-commerce websites.

3. Log in / Register

By clicking on this icon, you can log in to your account if you already have one, otherwise you may register an account as well. Registering as a service user and a service provider is available under this section. You will get further information and see available options after clicking on the icon.

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4. Categories Menu

This is a side menu showing all available categories. To keep things more organised and make it easier to find services, we have multiple categories related to different services. Categories may include more detailed sub-categories as well. For example, you may find all available Private Math Teachers under the following category:

Education > Private Tutoring > Mathematics

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5. Main Menu

This is the main navigation menu where you can find links to different pages and sections of the website. The main menu is available on all the pages by scrolling to top of the page.

6. Currency Selector

Through this small drop-down menu, you can chose between different available currencies on the website. Right now the only options are Swedish Krona (SEK) and Euros (€) but more currencies will be available soon including USD.

Note: Our main currency is Swedish Krona and other currencies will update automatically according to the exchange rates. That is why the prices in currencies other than SEK may slightly change time by time.

7. Language Selector

The website will show up in either English or Swedish with your first visit based on your browser’s default language. By selecting the related language’s flag in this section you can change the language at any time.

While visiting a page, article, service or any other type of content, if you change to a language which current content is not available in, the website will redirect to the home page.

Note: The content of Business Profiles and Services are not automatically translated (AI or Machine Translation). If you can see some Services only in a specific language, it means the owner has provided that Service only under that specific language.

8. Content Area

This is the main content area of the website. By selecting different options, links or pages, you will see the related content at this section of the page. 

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