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What we do

Our first priority right now is to prepare a fully functional platform. While making a MVP, it is very important to make the features functional as much as keeping the number of options to the minimum possible.

In order to test the MVP and collect the very first round of user feedback, we will hand-pick and invite at least 20 Service Providers to sign up and add their services.

The process of developing the MVP, tests, collecting feedback, implementing changes and more is managed via small Sprints while the bigger picture is developed by Design Thinking method.

How we work

First of all, to respect the very soul of this platform, we are trying to break our physical boundaries by increasing our distance working habits. However, in person meetings, group work and internal workshops are a part of our work culture.

We kick start the week by our All Members meeting on Monday mornings. Reviewing the work packages, schedules and tasks to finish are main subjects of these one hour meetings. Also at the end of the week we will have a meeting for half an hour to summarize what we have done.

It is expected from all team members to bring in ideas, insights, proposals in addition to their individual skills. The core of our team dynamics is based on continuous development.

It is a very important advantage if you have experience or good knowledge in any of Design Thinking, Design Sprint, Agile Management, Lean Startups, Value Proposition or other development tools and methods.

What you receive

Consults Center is currently defined as a project at Nordic Digital Ventures AB company. We are building up the team by finding more members simultaneously as further developing the platform. 

By releasing the MVP so the first round of users can test it, the project will exit and form an independent company (probably called Consults Center AB) and the team members who are involved in project will officially become the shareholders of the new company.

Since there is still no official investment or funding behind Consults Center, during the process of working at startup stage the finances are supported by Nordic Digital Ventures. The time which members spend on developing the concept will be taken in account as their investment. Detailed terms about the form of participating in team could be discussed privately.

Open seats

If you have the entrepreneurship spirit, want to live the adventure of creating something awesome, believe in your skills, experience and competence, do not hesitate to drop us a line. That would be our pleasure to meet you!