Frequently asked questions

If you have questions or are facing some problems using our platform, please have a look through the most frequently asked questions. Most probably you will find an answer but if not, please contact us via email or filling out a contact form.

Getting Started

To visit the pages and explore different business profiles and services, you do not need to have a registered user account.

However, in order to keep track of your payments, bookings, orders and so on, you will need to register an account before interacting with businesses, placing any bookings, write comments or reviews and so on.

Once you want to register an account as a Service Provider, after writing your email address in the specified text-box, click on any other boxes or on the page. The verification code will be sent to your email automatically the moment that you leave the email text-box.

We provide 2 different types of user accounts. One is for the Regular Users who are searching for Service Providers. The other is for individuals or businesses who want to offer their services on this platform.

Please note that a Service Providers can book services from other providers like a Regular User as well. However, if you register as a Service Provider, you need to verify your identity before all the features are activated in your account.

Profile or Identity Verification is only for Service Providers. In order to keep the available services more reliable for the clients, we have provided multiple different ways for you to verify the identity of your business.

You can see the available options by logging in to your account and visiting the Verification tab on your profile.

Most popular questions

Yes! If you are looking for some type of services to book, you can always use this platform for free. You will of course pay for the Services which you book on the platform.

For Service Providers, actually we highly recommend starting with our free plan so you can take your time and discover different features.

If you book a service from a business profile but you do not receive it then you can apply for getting a refund.

For example if the Service Provider cancels the booking, they do not show up for the meeting or a technical problem on this platform makes it impossible to receive a service properly.

Please note that for every business, there is a “Policy” page where they are supposed to explain the refunding terms and conditions and you automatically agree to those terms when you make a booking.

We highly recommend doing that because if you take the session in a physical meeting or on other platforms like Skype, Zoom and so on, technically we do not have a track of what happened in case you needed to register a dispute or ask for a refund.

You can still take your session on other platforms by your own responsibility.

If you have booked a service on this platform, the cancellation terms and conditions are set by the Service Provider which you can read in advance before making a booking.

If the terms allow you to cancel a session, you can do it by logging in to your account and your payment will be refunded right after the cancellation.

If you are a Service Provider, you will get a verification email or notification after someone made a booking on any of your services. You will then have a chance to Confirm, Change or Cancel it via your account’s Control Panel.