About us

Consults Center was born as a simple idea at Nordic Digital Ventures AB company in Sweden in early 2020. After investing hundreds of hours of discussions, analyzing and data processing, we successfully made our first version of product in form of this digital platform.

How it started

The idea of working from distance via digital channels has been around for more than a decade and multiple companies have already developed platforms and software to make it easier. 

Besides some jobs which have a tangible deliverable or result, there are other types of work which have no physical or even sometimes digital deliverable. When someone teaches you math, consults as a lawyer, helps you as a training coach and so on, what you receive is actually the dedicated time to your problem.

These forms of activities are the most adaptable work to run from distance. Going beyond the physical boundaries will increase the number of clients for service providers and simultaneously increase the number of choices for service receivers.

What we did about it

Consult Center is the result of our development process based on the initial idea. It is designed to cover multiple aspects and answer the requirements for working from distance.

As an integrated digital platform, service providers can showcase, announce and offer what they do. It will be easier for someone who is looking for a service to list, compare and select what they want.

It also provides a synchronized booking system, payment solution, financial and invoicing and many more options for both service providers and their clients.

Most importantly, it builds up the Trust between professionals and their clients by guaranteeing the payments and refunds. You are welcome to read our legal regulations, terms and conditions via the links provided at the bottom of this age.

Where we work

We are based in Växjö, The Greenest City of Europe (Europas grönaste stad) in south of Sweden. Our office and workspace for the Consult Center’s team is in an amazing incubator for startups called Företagsfabriken. To be more accurate, you can find us at: (56.856215 , 14.824846)

Project Manager

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